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From the beginning of the 2007/08 season, who can break the football pattern of Ronaldo and Messi's two dragons has become a hot topic from all walks of life. Even if Modric broke the monopoly of the "double pride" in 2018, the debate about the third person in the world still continues. During this decade-long battle for the title of "prince", Sneijder, Ribery, Harvey, and Iniesta all charged against the throne as disruptors. Rooney, Ibrahimovic, Bell, Griezman and Neymar were all close to the pinnacle of personal honours, but the above-mentioned monarchs were tied to the Ballon d'Or for various reasons. Some of these players have retired or are in the twilight of their careers. , And some are still on the road to chase the Golden Globe Awards.

从2007/08赛季开始,谁能打破罗纳尔多和梅西的两条巨龙的足球格局已成为各行各业的热门话题。即使莫德里奇在2018年打破了“双重自豪感”的垄断,有关世界第三人称的辩论仍在继续。在长达十年的争夺“王子”称号的斗争中,斯内德,里贝里,哈维和伊涅斯塔都以颠覆者的身份对王位提出了指控。鲁尼,易卜拉欣莫维奇,贝尔,格里兹曼和内马尔都接近个人荣誉的顶峰,但上述君主由于各种原因而与金球奖联系在一起。其中一些球员已经退休或处于职业生涯的晚期。 ,还有一些人还在追逐金球奖。

The modern football production line will launch a large number of high-expected new stars every year, but few of them can truly stand the cruel test of professional football and finally gain a foothold in the football world. Standing at the top of the pyramid can continue to innovate and innovate. It is rare. Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo can become the leading figures of the times, thanks to the superstar's superb personal talent and technical ability, the tactical tilt given to them by the previous coaches, and the result of the heroes of the times. Compared with the two favored sons of heaven, Sneijder and Ribery obviously failed to occupy the "time".

现代化的足球生产线每年将发射大量备受期待的新星,但很少有人能真正经受住职业足球的残酷考验并最终在足球界站稳脚跟。站在金字塔的顶端可以继续创新和创新。很少见梅西(Mess)和克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)可以成为时代的佼佼者,这要归功于这位超级巨星的超凡个人才能和技术能力,前任教练给予他们的战术倾向以及时代英雄的成就。与两个受宠的天堂之子相比,斯内德和里贝里显然没有占据“时间”。

In the 2009/10 season, Sneijder reached the pinnacle of his career. As the core, he helped Inter Milan become the first team in the history of Serie A to complete the "Triple Crown". Sneijder's performance in the World Cup in South Africa is also fantastic. The Dutch team can reach the World Cup final again after a lapse of 32 years. Inter Milan's midfielder's 5 goals and 1 assist played a vital role. The addition of honors such as the best midfielder in the UEFA Champions League, FIFA's best team of the year, and the World Cup Silver Ball award is also sufficient to prove the recognition of him in the industry. However, 2010 was the first year after the merger of the World Footballer and the Ballon d'Or. Although Sneijder's media votes were far ahead of Messi and Iniesta, he failed to win enough national team coaches and In the votes of coaches, this highly vocal candidate did not even enter the top three in the final selection.

在2009/10赛季,Sneijder达到了职业生涯的顶峰。作为核心,他帮助国际米兰成为意甲历史上第一支完成“三冠王”的球队。斯内德在南非世界杯上的表现也很棒。经过32年之后,荷兰队可以再次进入世界杯决赛圈。国际米兰的中场球员的5个进球和1个助攻发挥了至关重要的作用。诸如欧洲冠军联赛最佳中场球员,国际足联年度最佳球队之类的荣誉以及世界杯银球奖等荣誉也足以证明他在业内的认可。但是,2010年是World Footballer和Ballon d'Or合并后的第一年。尽管斯内德的媒体选票遥遥领先于梅西和伊涅斯塔,但他未能赢得足够的国家队教练。在教练的选票中,这位高声疾呼的候选人甚至没有进入决赛的前三名。

In 2013, the club also achieved the Grand Slam, and Ribery also experienced the bitterness of Sneijder. After helping Bayern Munich to become the Bundesliga’s first triple crown team, Ribery was significantly ahead of Ronaldo and Messi in the selection of the best European players (2013.08.29). At that time, public opinion was overwhelmingly optimistic about the French. Won the Golden Globe Award. Surprisingly, FIFA postponed the balloting deadline for the Ballon d’Or. Ronaldo took advantage of his outstanding performance in the European play-offs of the World Preliminaries to complete a wave of strong “canvassing”. Ribery ended up winning only 26.03%. The scoring rate ranked third. Due to the continuous huge controversy after the merger, the cooperation between FIFA and "French Football" only lasted for six years and then parted ways. The experience of Sneijder and Ribery was embarrassing.


Since the 2006/07 season, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi have almost simultaneously entered the ranks of the world's top players. All coaches are resolutely building lineups around the two superstars. As Cristiano Ronaldo's most important wingman in Manchester United, Rooney brought the Red Devils to a place just one step away from the peak of the European war in the years after the Portuguese left the Bernabéu. Rooney's climb to the top has been difficult, but he lost everything very quickly. The depletion caused by premature participation in professional competitions and the injuries accumulated over the years of multi-line combat have caused irreparable trauma to Rooney's body. He did not enjoy the absolute core treatment for long before he suffered a cliff-like landslide.

自2006/07赛季以来,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多和梅西几乎同时进入了世界顶级球员行列。所有教练都坚定地围绕这两位超级巨星打造阵容。作为克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在曼联的最重要的边锋,鲁尼将红魔带到了距离葡萄牙人离开伯纳乌后的欧洲战争高峰仅一步之遥的地方。鲁尼很难登顶,但他很快就失去了一切。由于过早参加专业比赛而造成的消耗,以及多年来多线战斗积累的伤害,对鲁尼的身体造成了无法弥补的创伤。在遭受悬崖般的山体滑坡之前,他很久没有享受绝对的核心待遇。

In the long-term process of building a team around Ronaldo, Real Madrid has created a set of offensive systems centered on shocking forwards and technical midfielders. Stars such as Bell, Kroos, Benzema, Modric and Ramos. Players, who have been dormant under the wings of superstars for a long time, have become the foil for the Golden Globe Awards. Florentino's second entry opened the prelude to the "Western Super League" era. The arms race has intensified. Barcelona's massive investment in recent years has dwarfed the Galaxy battleship. From Neymar, Rakitic and Suarez, to Vidal, Dembele, De Jong and Griezmann, Barcelona has collected a large number of top players in the process of building luxury battleships around Messi, and they are also invisible. Closed the path of these people to the Golden Globe.

在围绕罗纳尔多建立团队的长期过程中,皇家马德里创建了一套以令人震惊的前锋和技术中场球员为中心的进攻体系。贝尔,克鲁斯,本泽马,莫德里奇和拉莫斯等明星。长时间处于休眠状态的超级巨星已成为金球奖的衬托。弗洛伦蒂诺的第二次参赛开启了“西方超级联赛”时代的序幕。军备竞赛加剧了。巴塞罗那近年来的巨额投资使银河战舰相形见war。从内马尔(Neymar),拉基蒂奇(Rakitic)和苏亚雷斯(Suarez)到维达尔亚搏全站手机网页登陆(Vidal),登贝莱(Dembele),德容(De Jong)和格里兹曼(Griezmann),巴塞罗那在梅西周围建造豪华战舰的过程中聚集了众多顶级玩家,而且它们也是隐形的。封闭了这些人通往金球奖的道路。

Neymar's development trajectory is similar to that of Messi, and they both have undergone a transition from an assaulter to an offensive core. Whether he is serving as a full-back in the 433/442 system under Enrique, or as a forward, organizing and ending midfielder in Paris, Neymar is one of the most diligent players on the field. People always Pay attention to his dazzling football skills, but ignore his hard-working attitude and exemplary professionalism. In the future, whether it is to continue to play for Paris or return to Barcelona, ​​Neymar will be a big favorite for the Golden Globes.


In the process of winning the Golden Globes five times, Ronaldo has been in danger twice. After the "Delayed Lore" Ribery in 2013, Ronaldo completed a life and death race in the summer of 2016. After the end of the 2015/16 season, the situation for the Ballon d’Or awards has become clearer. Cristiano Ronaldo, Bell and Griezmann from both sides of the Champions League final are in a three-legged position. Cristiano Ronaldo temporarily took pole position but the advantage is not obvious. The three players are in The performance in the 2016 European Cup is very important. In the process of leading Portugal to create history, Ronaldo showed superstar strength and winner aura. He defeated direct competitors Bell and Griezmann in the semi-finals and finals, and killed the Golden Globes almost half a year earlier. suspense.

在五次赢得金球奖的过程中,罗纳尔多两次处于危险之中。在2013年“绝杀绝杀”里贝里(Ribery)之后,罗纳尔多(Ronaldo)在2016年夏天完成了一场生死战。2015/ 16赛季结束后,金球奖的情况变得更加清晰。冠军联赛决赛双方的克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo),贝尔(Bell)和格里兹曼(Griezmann)都处于三腿位置。克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)暂时占据杆位,但优势并不明显。这三名球员均在2016年欧洲杯的表亚搏全站手机网页登陆现中非常重要。在带领葡萄牙创造历史的过程中,罗纳尔多展现了超级巨星的实力和胜利者的光环。他在半决赛和决赛中击败了直接竞争对手贝尔和格里兹曼,并在半年前杀死了金球奖。悬念。

As the “prince prince” introduced by Florentino, Bell chose an “evolution” path similar to Ronaldo, that is, through muscle gain training to highlight the advantages of physique and impact, avoiding his technical shortcomings. board. Bell started to strengthen strength training in the 2014/15 season and gradually became a real devil muscle man. His influence on the field also radiated from the periphery and flanks to the penalty area. Sadly, the muscle gain training made Bell win the European header of the 2015/16 season, and also made him fall into the bottomless abyss of muscle injuries, and gradually separated from the team of Golden Globe contenders.


Playing the role of "9 and a half" in the frontcourt, occupying the front midfielder area to connect the midfielder and the striker, Griezmann's transformation has similarities with Messi. Atletico Madrid under Simeone is not an ideal platform for the development of superstars. It is the Frenchman's limit to enter the top three of the Golden Globes twice. If you want to break through the bottleneck, you can only seek a higher platform. The 33-year-old Messi is still at his peak, and Griezmann can only be a secondary car in the Barcelona system, unable to dominate like he did when he played for Atletico, and his exposure decreased with the change of roles on the field. After a lot, the Golden Globe Dream can only temporarily press the stop button.

格里兹曼在前场扮演“ 9分半”的角色,占据了前场中场区域以连接中场和前锋,格里兹曼的转型与梅西相似。 Simeone旗下的马德里竞技队不是超级巨星发展的理想平台。两次进入金球奖前三名是法国人的限制。如果要突破瓶颈,则只能寻求更高的平台。现年33岁的梅西(Messi)仍处于巅峰状态,格里兹曼(Griezmann)只能是巴塞罗那体系中的二手车,无法像他为马竞效力时一样独领风骚,随着他在球场上的角色变化,他的曝光率下降。经历很多之后,金球奖梦只能暂时按下停止按钮。

In the new era of European football, there is a clear trend of class differentiation. While the oligarchs of major leagues are dividing up the civil war trophies, they are also taking turns in the Champions League. In recent years, the influence of the national team competition has been declining, and the Champions League performance has an increasing influence on the Ballon d'Or selection, which is extremely beneficial for Messi and Ronaldo. Thanks to technical advantages and excellent operational capabilities, the La Liga team has played a dominant performance in the European war in the past decade. Real Madrid and Barcelona continue to accumulate high-quality resources to achieve the greatness of Messi and Ronaldo, and indirectly crush it. The golden ball dream of other first-class stars.


After leaving his hometown of Malmö, Ibrahimović once won an impressive 11 league titles in 15 seasons (before joining Manchester United). The top three in Serie A, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain all left behind his special Imprint. During this period, he was not only the creator of a series of dynasties (Inter Milan, Paris period), but also the leader of the rebels who subverted the Iron Curtain politics (AC Milan period). It seems that no one can shake Ibrahimovic except for accidents such as phone calls. And his team's dominance in the league. It’s a pity that the league expert Ibrahimovic’s best result in the Champions League was the quarter-finals, and coupled with the lack of adequate national team performance, the Swedes never really threatened Melo’s status. He was the best in the Golden Globe Awards. Good results are only seventh.


Hazard also suffered from his team's poor Champions League record. The Premier League championship trophy and the PFA best player title can only help him get eighth place (2015). In the Premier League, Aguero and De Blau have the same problem. Several Liverpool stars have divided the votes from each other, resulting in their failure to shake Melo's dominance in the championship season. This phenomenon is in Germany and Spain. The year of winning the championship also exists. As the legacy of the laws of the Champions League, the story of Sneijder and Ribery will inevitably be mentioned again.


The first time he made the list, he rushed to second place. Van Dijk's explosion became the highlight of the 2019 Golden Globe Awards. Somer became a European footballer at the age of 29, and Cannavaro won the Golden Globe at the age of 33. Van Dyke, who just turned 29, seems to have a chance to continue his personal honor. peak. However, considering that defenders are at a natural disadvantage in the Ballon d'Or competition, it is difficult for a Dutch centre-back to go further. Modric won the Ballon d'Or in 2018 and did not completely end Melo's rule. Van Dyke has become the newest supporting actor around "Shuangjiao", but he may not be the last footnote of this era.

他第一次进入名单,他冲到了第二位。范·迪克(Van Dijk)的爆炸成为2019年金球奖颁奖典礼的重头戏。 Somer在29岁时成为欧洲足球运动员,而Cannavaro在33岁时赢得了金球奖。刚满29岁的Van Dyke似乎有机会继续他的个人荣誉。峰。但是,考虑到防守者在Ballon d'Or比赛中处于自然劣势,荷兰中后卫很难走得更远。莫德里奇在2018年赢得了金球奖,但并没有完全结束梅洛的统治。范戴克已成为“双角”附近最新的男主角,但他可能不是这个时代的最后一位脚注。

Whether it was Sneijder, Ribery and Ibrahimovic who led the team alone, or Rooney, Harvey, Iniesta and Bell who fought side by side with Melo, they were all close to the pinnacle of personal honor, but they eventually became The most gorgeous background of this era. The "double pride" has not yet slowed down. The younger generation led by Mbappé is eager to try, leaving few opportunities for Mesozoic players to compete for the Golden Globe. Van Dyke, Salah and Mane at the peak need to continue to cheer, and Neymar, De Bruyne and Griezmann don't have much time to waste.

无论是独自领导团队的Sneijder,Ribery和Ibrahimovic,还是与Melo并肩作战的Rooney,Harvey,Iniesta和Bell,他们都接近个人荣誉的顶峰,但最终他们成为了最华丽的背景。这个时代。 “双重自豪感”尚未放慢。由姆巴佩(Mbappé)领导的年轻一代渴望尝试,为中生代玩家争取金球奖的机会很少。高峰期的Van Dyke,Salah和Mane需要继续加油,而Neymar,De Bruyne和Griezmann却没有太多时间可以浪费。

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